Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Stadium decision-making is management by blundering around

G-Man notes that the high-handed and secretive decision-making over the Rugby stadium for the 2011 World Cup is "further proof thathe only difference between the bigspending socialists in Labour and the bigspending socialists in National is purely in the semantics and the rhetoric."

No consultation (except between politicians).

No information given to the peasants on what's going on.

Requests for information airily dismissed

Little (if any) expert advice taken.

A billion-dollar bedpan for a stadium?

Ever felt like a mushroom? Fed bullshit and kept in the dark? Welcome to decision-making by government without the people, paid for by the people, over the people. As G-Man summarises, the only apparent problem either Clark, McCully or Mallard have is whether or not they can spend our money in time.

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  1. Indeed. As I hinted at earlier, we won't get shares in this stadium either despite our money paying for it. Shares/part ownership is the only way in which I would be willing to invest my money in any venture. But the government seems to think we should involuntarily invest our money.


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