Wednesday, 15 November 2006

How transparent is the diversion?

Is this wisdom from G-man?
Speaking of the stadium…can’t you see the set-up coming here? Can’t you see that in a few days or so that Helen Clark herself will be declaring that Labour have "seen common sense...have decided to spend taxpayers money judiciously…have decided to preserve New Zealand’s sporting heritage…have heard the concerns of ordinary New Zealanders and that the great beloved leader will make it all better" ?????!!??

Am I the only one who can see their brilliant strategy? They get a get out of jail free card over Taito Phil and the pledge card from the media AND look prudent AND look like they're listening to the people!!! Brilliant!!
What do you think? I suspect Liberty Scott sees it this way when he says:
Time passes quickly.
It is 15 November and have they paid it back?
Thieving bastards.
See. Thieving and duplicitous.

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Sport - the opiate of the masses for politicians - Liberty Scott

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  1. I was interested to hear Micheal Cullen say on the news last night that the Eden Park Trust Board didn't have the money to fund their upgrade and then to have the head of the Board turn around and say, "That's wrong. We have already got the $385 million we need." So if we have just two options I think I'd prefer to choose the privately funded one over the public funded, over twice as expensive one. But my preference is still Jade Stadium, with it's much lower cost.

  2. I wonder if all of the PM's rugby experiences have been since she became Leader of the Labour Party?

    In other words, I doubt she gives a damn except the political implications of it.

  3. The PM does not know the first ting about rugby, despite the lines she's practised saying. a few years ago she said that she never watches rugby, and couldn't understand why her husband goes into the lounge and watches it.Throughout the interview she was belittling and condescending of those who watch sports.

    Also a few years ago she said on radio when asked about an upcomin All Blacks game that she thought that the all Blacks would win "by 2-3 goals. when asked further she didn't even know what the name of the "scoring thing" in rugby was, and even that rugby is scored in points, not in goals.

    It's all a cynical lie, from a cynical liar.


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