Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Eden Park

Q 1: Given that the bid for the 2011 Rugby World Cup was made on the basis of sub-$100 million temporary stands, and all they have on the table now is a half-a-billion Rolls Royce, do you think the Eden Park Trust Board just saw their chance at piles of your money and went for it?

Q 2: Do you think they'll get it?

Q 3: Do you think they should get it?

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  1. As RB said this morning - if they do get it then we should get a commanding presence on the Eden Park Trust.

  2. They should look at the North Harbour Stadium bid of $226m for 41,000 extra seats and learn from it. That is $5,512 per seat. At that cost Eden Park could 13,000 permanent extra seats at just $72m rounded to the nearest million. That way they wouldn't need any of their money based on reports that they raised $50m from their own coffers and $50m from the lottery commission. That would still leave $28m from that for the sound proofing and esculating costs, which would be plenty you'd think. If not they could raise the rest from other sources.

  3. Yes
    No and ...
    Most definitely not!

  4. the Spitting Llama29 Nov 2006, 15:07:00

    New Zealand should never have accepted the bid in the first place. We don't have the public to support an event like that.


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