Friday, 24 November 2006

Cool on Key

I'm trying to summon up some enthusiasm for John Key.
No. Can't do it.

Can anyone tell me three reasons that I should?

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Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

1) He is not Nick Smith.

2) He is not Tony Ryall.

3) He is not Lockwood Smith.

and so on.

24 Nov 2006, 09:24:00  
Blogger Rebel Radius said...

I feel exactly the same PC.

The only other member of the national party who sets a spark for me is Judith Collins. I have met the woman and she has the most incredible presence. One, VERY seldom experiences this from another person.

She can certainly hold her own during debate, she is an academic achiever, her capacity for detail and memory are exemplary.

24 Nov 2006, 10:01:00  
Blogger sagenz said...

1.He made his money in a real competitive market. Not just talking the talk but walking the walk.
2. He is smart enough not to have committed himself to positions he can be caned with before he needs to
3. His personal history has an enormous added value and there is a reasonable chance he will take a pragmatic rather than idealistic course to add value for New Zealand

24 Nov 2006, 10:58:00  
Blogger Maria said...

Give him a chance PC, could be great, nice conservative financial dude, who won't spend too much of our money I am sure

24 Nov 2006, 12:15:00  
Blogger Michael said...

Eric - He's also not Don Brash. That's why I can't get excited by him.

24 Nov 2006, 13:23:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...who won't spend too much of our money

He can't. He's not in government.

24 Nov 2006, 16:03:00  
Blogger Lindsay said...

I searched my blog looking for some

24 Nov 2006, 16:23:00  
Anonymous Falafulu Fisi said...

Perhaps Bob Clarkson can lead very aggressively against Labour. He can pin down all the Labour MPs by grabbing their balls.

24 Nov 2006, 17:15:00  
Blogger libertyscott said...

"there is a reasonable chance he will take a pragmatic rather than idealistic course to add value for New Zealand"

pardon me while I grab a bucket. All I can think of is that he is better than Clark, but then again I'd like someone to lift the bar more than a couple of inches above her.

25 Nov 2006, 00:14:00  
Blogger Peter McK said...

I am with sagenz - but also I would like to add
1. He will have wider appeal that Brash (who I also like but for different reasons)
2. He can certainly hold his own with Cullen in a debate - and will also whip (not in a Panty-boy-slut sort of way) clark head to head
3. he is intelliegent, has vision for NZ, and is motivated with an ambition to continue to make NZ a better place to live (for all rather than the selected groups labour tries to appeal to)

27 Nov 2006, 11:33:00  
Blogger PC said...

" for NZ"?

Leaving aside your other points for the moment, Peter McK, but could you -- or anyone - articulate what that "vision" is?

What I see is "wait-and-see," not "vision."

27 Nov 2006, 11:55:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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