Thursday, 26 October 2006

Some spending chains

There's nothing that makes me feel better about some new rules on Parliamentary spending than seeing a politician bleating about the rules making it hard to spend money.

And when the politician doing the bleating is supposed to be an advocate of small government, my irony-meter really starts to twitch.

LINK: Pre-approval for MPs' spending - Rodney Hide

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  1. Considering hes done more to kneecap big government than any numbers of Libz you can name thats a joke PC...

  2. What did he say that was 'bleating'?
    I thought the post was fairly neutral.

  3. "Kneecap?"

    "Kneecap" is a big claim. Some examples please.

    And even if your claim were proved, would that justify him objecting to chains on spending?

  4. Well, I read it a third time and can't even see where he is 'objecting'.

  5. You won't find it, Lindsay. The truth is hard to find around here.

  6. If you want to assess the claim, Anonymous, you can use the link I've provided.

    If you wish to disagree, you can.

    If you wish to post honestly, you could consider NOT hiding behind your anonymity.

  7. I have read it and I agree with Lindsay. It is very hard to see where Rodney could be said to be "bleating". What you wrote was very inaccurate, and there is no point trying to hide behind such inaccuracies by asking me to reveal my name. That is irrelevant, as are your opinions.

  8. Fine, Anonymoue, you've got your opinion. Good for you. But an opinion voiced without a name o an argument put to back it up is just so much graffiti, isn't it.

  9. What is your argument that Rodney was bleating? I haven't seen one yet.

  10. "What is your argument that Rodney was bleating? I haven't seen one yet."

    I haven't posted one. This is a blog. I posted a brief opinion and a link so you could judge that opinion for yourself.

    If you have a different view to my opinion, fine. That's what blogs are for.

    But since the "you" in your case is is unknown to anyone but yourself, "your view" just taken on its own butters no parsnips with me.

    In any case, I'm sure your friend's opinion will be made clear enough sometime soon.


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