Thursday, 19 October 2006

Petition hits 10,000 in one day

MikeE grabbed a screenshot (below) as the Petition to Deny Royal Assent to the Government's 'Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free' legislation clicked over ten-thousand names on board, and only one grumpy bum among them.

That's ten-thousand signatures in just one day
! (No wonder Labour lackie Jordan Carter whose name was included by some wag as signatory 3038 is so grumpy. All the anger, poor Jordan declares sniffily, is just "the angry right [continuing] to go mental over losing the election." He can't get his head around the idea that the anger just might be justified.) However, as MikeE notes:
It is currently the 2nd most popular petition online on the Internet (at least on petitionsonline, which as far as I know is the biggest petition site on the web).

Will people take notice of this? Or is 10,000 people on one day too few?
What do you think? Is this 'house of cards' time?

PS: I'm happy to boast I'm number 8 on the petition. :-) I bet there are many of you too who would want to boast -- I wonder if petition organiser Blair Mulholland was to organise T-shirts or bumper stickers showing personalised signatory numbers how much he would make? Would you buy one?

PPS: At the time of writing this is now the most popular online petition in the world, and at 10:26pm, Thursday night the number of signatories is 16,339, minus Jordan. Keep it going!

Petition hits 10,000 signatures - The Home of MikeE
Petition: No Royal Assent to Electoral Act Violations - Petitions Online

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  1. over 12,000 now and still going yp at a fast rate. And I reckon it should be signed to at least show we won't stand for Labour's crap.

  2. I am at number 2636, I immediately informed my friend Mike about the petition and he signed about a minute after me, at 2658. The petition was rolling like a juggernaut last night.

  3. I've only seen references to the petition here and in DPF's blog--no mention in the online NZ newspapers.
    Does anyone know where else it's being publicised?

  4. Well, kg, it is being publicised on my blog, Random Thoughts.

  5. Newstalk ZB were giving it a good plug all afternoon, I'm told other radio stations have also picked up on it, and I suspect a good few viral emails are also circulating.

    Keep it going!

  6. Thanks guys. Trying to spread the word too. This is great stuff!

  7. How many more thousands of New Zealander's does it take to make the media recognise the extent of public anger over the labour Govt.

  8. Has it ocurred to our precious Jordan that they may in fact be more than one Jordan Carter in Wellington?

  9. I just found out that it has now been published online by a news paper. Finally!

  10. No idea how many 'Jordan Carters' there are in Wellington (or how much spine there is in the poor lamb presently under discussion) but there are 165 Jordan Carters in the USA. See HowManyOfMe.Com. [Hat tip, She Who Can't Be Obeyed.]

  11. Proudly no. 2094 PC - and delighted to see numerous family members & friends there, too ... and no, I did not add them, even though I was a little tempted. :)

    19,000+ at 9.25am .. Leighton Smith plugging it a lot.

  12. I am 1716 and have got four people to sign it. I have also asked another four. And at last check 21,653 signees

  13. I have set up a new site here to promote the petition.

    I don't know about tshirts, maybe somebody else wants to take that ball and run with it? I'd proudly wear a #1!


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