Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Pages and 'public choice'

Pages and their treatment at the US Congress are in the news (just as interns at the White House were in a previous administration). Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek points out how pages and interns at the centre of American power have a unique opportunity to see what Stephen Hicks describes as "public choice economics in action."

(For those unfamiliar with public choice theory, here's a primer.)

LINK: Paging through Congress - Cafe Hayek
Public choice theory - Concise Encyclopaedia of Economics

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Anonymous Falafulu Fisi said...

I wondered if the "Public choice theory" is the same one as "Discrete Choice Model" (DCM) theory , but perhaps worded slightly different ?

By reading the web page for "Public choice theory" it does look similar to the description of DCM.

"Wikipedia : Discrete choice"

10 Oct 2006, 11:18:00  

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