Friday, 13 October 2006

One pledge card. Slightly used.

Oh look: You can now buy your very own Labour Party Pledge Card on Trade Me:
Mint condition original 2005 Labour Party pledge card, nicely framed - just like the New Zealand taxpayer.
Never to be repeated (hopefully). This item is one in a million. Well, one OF a million.
You've already paid for it once, why not pay for it again?
Why the hell not, eh? Make an offer.

UPDATE: Make sure you check out the hilarious Questions and answer for this auction. Sample:
Is it a quality frame? posted by: dutjo (19 ) 1:22 pm, Fri 13 Oct
No. It's worthless and transparent, much like the pledges it contains.
I guess this is the free market in action. posted by: dutjo (19 ) 1:26 pm, Fri 13 Oct
That's right. It's the invisible hand giving Labour a slapping. 1:29 pm, Fri 13 Oct
Will you consider delivery of the card by high-speed motorcade? posted by: inventory1 (8 ) 1:08 pm, Fri 13 Oct
I would, but my driver's in jail.
I smell a rat with this. posted by: dutjo (19 ) 1:07 pm, Fri 13 Oct
The card does smell a bit odd but I just thought that was the whiff of corruption.
Is this the special edition pledge card with the secret 8th pledge: That she pledges to "move on"? posted by: suzyq7 (13 ) 12:38 pm, Fri 13 Oct
There are lots of extra pledges. For a half-mill donation you can choose what the next seven are.
I'm a politician and I'd like to buy the card. I'm in the habit of spending other people's money but obviously can't do so in this case. What can I do? Where can I get some money that doesn't belong to somebody else??? posted by: asco (30 ) 12:57 pm, Fri 13 Oct
You need to produce goods or services that other people actually want using the skills that ... oh, I see your point. You may be beyond help.
Brilliant! Go visit. Go bid. And do it soon. As Luke says over at Pacific Empire, "I just hope this story doesn’t end with 'This auction was pulled because user hc1 complained that it was seditious' …"

LINK: Labour Party Pledge Card - Trade Me
Darnton V Clark website

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