Tuesday, 10 October 2006

"Get your hand off it, Daryl"

If your hand slips while seeking spiritual sustenance here at pc.blogspot.com, if your finger slips while typing the URL, you could end up somewhere vastly different, with spiritual sustenance of a very different kind.

Seems someone's registered the 'alternative' address for this site: pc.blogpsot.com, for those with shaky hands and suggestive minds. I'd really hoped for a better class of stalker.


Blogger Erik Hogan said...

Any subdomain of blogpsot.com redirects to that site, not just PC.

10 Oct 2006, 19:45:00  
Blogger PC said...


Damn. All my solipsistic delusions just came crashing down. ;^)

11 Oct 2006, 01:10:00  

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