Thursday, 19 October 2006

FREE RADICAL 72: The great environmental sellout - why 'Bluegreen' is the new wet

The mainstream media only picked up on NZ's political challenge of the year in late September, but The Free Radical had the whole Darnton V Clark story and the details about the stolen election in July!


Free Radical 72 is out now, it gets beneath the news, and it's ready to hit your letter box today. SUBSCRIBE NOW. In this issue:
  • We look at the 'other side of the aisle': we examine the National Party’s much-trumpeted and much-deliberated upon environmental policy release, and we ask the question, “Why is it so bloody wet?”
    ** We point out why it is a lost opportunity.
    ** We explain why, if implemented, National's policies promise to further erode liberty and property rights in New Zealand.
    ** And we explain what a rational set of environmental policies might look like.
  • Bernard Darnton updates reactions to his case against the Clark Government's stolen election.
  • What's the Truth about Islam? Reuben Chapple, Peter Cresswell and Lindsay Perigo explain.
  • 'Why Did the Music Die'? Edward Cline explains.
  • What's wrong with NZ's National Drug Policy? Richard Goode has something to think about.
  • Civil War in New Zealand? Phil Howison looks into the future.
  • A philosopher "obsessed" with truth? Marcus Bachler investigates this unusual phenomenon.
  • An Australian classical liberal who's just too liberal for John Howard's Liberal Party -- Prodos tells his own story.
  • Lindsay Perigo explains why he's stepping down as editor, and where he's heading next.
All this and more, much more, including your own cut-out-and-keep Al Gore poster -- perfect for your wall, fridge or door-mat! -- your own 'Labour Party Problem Solving Wallchart,' and regular columns by George Reisman, Jason Roth (from Save the Humans), Rex Benson, 'Susan the Libertarian,' and Carol the Montessorian ... along with regular features on art, architecture, beer, music, health and much, much more!!

Don't miss out. Look for it in the very best newsagents, or you can SUBSCRIBE NOW to get your own copy of this, the first issue by the new editor: me.

Peter Cresswell

LINK: Free Radical 71: The Stolen Election issue
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  1. The new editor! Congratulations PC.
    Can't find the mag anywhere in this town, so it looks like it'll have to be a subscription.

  2. Thanks KG. You can also buy a single electronic copy online here. The new issue should be there soon. :-)

  3. I hope the "Civil War" article doesn't become breaking news...

  4. Peter,

    I saw part of this post on SOLO.

    I would like to help out (depending on the cost), with no strings attached regarding the SOLO website.

    I presume your webmaster/s are working pro bono. With due respect, the site is one of the worst - functionally- I have seen on the internet. Like most visitors, I do not navigate beyond the first page, because I cannot see what is available beyond the first page. In fact, 99% of the time I cannot even *read* the first page, as scrolling down or mousing over causes the text to disappear completely. Graphics usually do not appear at all, and the font is changes at random.

    If you are interested I am genuinely happy to pay for a professional webmaster to re-tool and maintain the site, for my own benefit as much as anyone elses's.

  5. I'd be very happy to accept your generous offer, Anonymous.

    Perhaps you could email me at 'organon at ihug dot co dot nz'?


  6. PC,

    I think that Julian & Duncan are looking after your Libz Solo site. Why doesn't just the Libz pay them some small compensation so that they could put more time to it. As I understand that they are just maintaining the site when they have free time. These guys are software engineers (computer science dudes) and perhaps that they are aware with the problem that anon described, but give them a little bit (cash or tray of steinlagers), and they will find time to add more functionalities to the site.

    Just a thought.


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