Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Score one for the wowsers

From the "Oh, for Goodness Sake" file comes news that the Hamilton Cock and Cull pub has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for placing an ad inviting people to come to the Cock and Bull to watch an All Blacks match.
By offering the chance to see the All Blacks at the pub, the ad breached the advertising code which says liquor advertisements should not use or refer to identifiable heroes or heroines of the young. The authority upheld the complaint because the Cock and Bull described itself as a pub, restaurant and brewery as well as mentioning two liquor products in a preceding ad.
Herald story here. I'll refrain from "juvenile name-calling" on this. Feel free however to exercise your own imaginations in correspondence to the Advertising Standards Authority. You can email them with your view of this rank stupidity on

Pictured above is an example of what you can't advertise is showing on a big screen in your bar.

LINK: Watchdog finds All Black ad contravenes code - NZ Herald
Cock and Bull, Hamilton

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