Wednesday, 13 September 2006

On 9/11, the jihadists were crowing again

The New York Times has done the job of surfing jihadi websites to assess their output on the anniversary of September 11. And you know who, according to the various Al Qaeda associates, was responsible for all the death and destruction that "glorious day"? America was. Coca Cola was. Ayn Rand's heir Leonard Peikoff was. "The World Trade Organisation ... the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ... ," they were responsible. All of them; all responsible; it was they who brought down death and destruction upon the civilisation of the west for the sheer, inhuman evil of being free and prosperous and rational and alive.

The wealth and freedom and individualism of the west is an affront to all those who are poor and unfree, argue the jihadists. Rather than yearning to breath free themselves however, they would prefer the death of those who do. Here's an example, quoted by 'The Times,' of what one death-worshipping maggot argued in an essay posted to an Al Qaeda affiliated site:

What a beautiful morning it is today, an amazing morning when we witnessed this great power flailing in every direction as if it were a slaughtered headless animal....

Some believe that if Bush were to leave then the situation would improve and become stable. But the eternal truth is that there is no difference between Bush and the one who preceded him, or the one who will succeed him, and for a very simple reason: cloning is an inherent property of the American presidential personality. Every new president is a perfect copy of the previous one...

Three children, 10 or 11 years old, who watched the recently released film “United 93” at the theater zealously and gleefully cheered when the plane hit the tower, as if they were watching a goal being scored in a soccer match against an opposing team. What is it that makes these children so happy about this crash that they stand up and strongly applaud? Ask yourselves, oh Americans, what is it that made those 19 young men engage in such a legendary and miraculous act...?

Yes. Ask yourself. And arm yourself. And wake the fuck up. That "legendary and miraculous act" was the death of nearly 3000 people, and the destruction of what was two of civilisation's greatest symbols. The people who sent those 19 young men out on that mission of suicide and death want more of these "glorious days," and make no mistake those 19 dead young men have many more willing 10 and 11 and 18 and 20 year-olds eager to step into their shoes to deliver them "glorious days" again in the future, and a lot more than 19 million more who will cheer them on and fund them and supply them to do it.

These murderers are willing to destroy themselves to carry out "such legendary and miraculous acts." They mean it. They beg for it.

Read on and reflect: reflect that the jihadists do mean every word of it. And have a look at this this video from MEMRI for a vivid reminder of how genuinely evil the Islamists are. "A documentary film about the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9-11 incorporates footage from various TV and satellite stations in the Middle East. It was made with Interface Media Group and narrated by acclaimed actor Ron Silver." [Hat tip Objective Standard]

And consider too how similar the jihadists' own rantings are to the rantings of the western apologists who give them succour, rantings that can be found all over the web and even in the comments section of this very blog. Every one of those self-blinded apologists gives comfort to an enemy who wants only their destruction.

As Leonard Peikoff's colleagues at the Ayn Rand Institute observe:

Five years into our "war on terror," the Iraqi insurgency is raging, with no apparent end to the new recruits eager to wage jihad against the West. Support for offensive action has faded among a disheartened American public, while the terrorists are growing in number and in boldness.

Where have our leaders gone wrong? What kind of leadership failure can demoralize a whole nation of honest, productive citizens, while leaving suicide murderers stirred to righteous action?

Read on and find out why the Islamic totalitarians remain resolutely un-demoralised, and what can be done in defence of our own freedom, if the will existed to do so.

LINKS: The apocalypse will be blogged - New York Times - requires free one-time registration [Hat tip Noodle Food]
The Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11: Five years later - MEMRI [43 minute streaming film]
A video from MEMRI on the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11 - brief summary of the film by Principles in Practice, the blog of The Objective Standard
Why we are losing hearts and minds - Keith Lockitch, Ayn Rand Institute
Tunnel vision - Cox and Forkum

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  1. Quote from New York Times...
    "The Apocalypse Will Be Blogged"

    [With God’s help and yours, let us make the fifth anniversary of the events of Sept. 11 the beginning of a boycott of all Zionist-American products that are sold in Arab and Muslim countries. Many continue to buy these products despite all they see and hear about the killing, torture and destruction that Muslims are faced with due to the Crusader and Zionist-American war. Let us boycott these products because we do not need them, nor are they to be considered absolute necessities.]

    I can't understand why they don't extend that boycott to all things made in the US. Boycott softwares from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Google, etc. Boycott electronic based products from Intel , AMD, etc. A society that chooses to not have those necessities in order to live and prosper in a modern world, then perhaps living in a cave is not a big deal to members of that society. They would feel comfortable if they do that. I packed my bags and moved to Auckland from the island to search for a better life. I had moved from a thatched house (or a cave as according to the al qaida & Muslim wishes, etc) to a wooden house, but that is life. No one is born with a gold bar attached into his or her forehead, even Bill Gates children were born normal as everyone else. Things that man achieved in this world, he has to work hard for them. I loved the western things I have encountered here in Auckland. I love my laptop, love surfing on the internet, love the iPod, the TV, and countless other things. I wouldn't like any Muslim to preach hatred against principles & things that I value. I don't want to endorse their fuckn mentality of blowing up everything that symbolises the West because they don't want those nice things and wouldn't mind living in a cave. I have been in a cave and I don't wish, not even one single to go back to that anymore. If Muslims want to go back to that sort of life in a cave, that's fine, it’s their choice, but don't make me pay the price for their terrorist activity.

    Apologists to Muslims, live a comfortable life far away from direct threat of terrorisms, where they criticise the West here & there all the time. If the West were not doing anything, then the things apologists enjoy would soon be affected directly or indirectly. A threat of blowing up oil vessel en route to the West from the Middle East would affect everything, including the BMWs that apologists are currently enjoy driving around in.

    Here is a fact. The West’s money makes the world go round. It is important that the interest of the West be protected. If that interest is not protected then the world doesn't go round anymore. Good example was 9/11. There were hundreds or thousands of businesses worldwide affected directly or indirectly. Even some businesses in NZ, there were layoffs in the hospitality industry, exports were down. Some overseas companies went bankrupt (such as one main US airline). Compared this to an 8-year war between Iraq & Iran. The world didn't stop because those countries went to war against each other. After 9/11, some businesses came to a halt completely. Western interests are far more important than any other and this is fact where apologists should stop being political correctness and accept this as undeniable fact. If the Western interest is fucked, the world is also fucked. If any Muslim country's interest is fucked, then businesses in the world still go on with no appreciable effect at all. Muslim fanatics , extremists or state that support war against the West must be confronted everywhere.

  2. Peikoff is a great man whom I admire very much. I recall telling you this about 18 months ago, and you vehemently disagreeing with me - you were in the thrall of the Branden's instead.

    Unlike your good self, Peikoff doesn't pretend he is a libertarian when he is not, he has always disliked George Bush and voted for Kerry in the last election,and he said Iraq was the wrong war.

    He also understands how to communicate his views in an appropriate manner - unlike your colleagues on SOLO he does not present his opinion in a nauseating way - brainless and vulgar.

    I have a couple of video interviews with him - you people may like to borrow them and learn a thing or two.

  3. Ruth, your agenda is leftist - hook, line, and sinker, no matter how you posture otherwise.


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