Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Labour duns taxpayer to defend charge of dunning taxpayer

Called on to defend the charge that money appropriated to run the Prime Minister's office was used instead to run for that office -- and all over the media yesterday accusing everyone but the Knights Templar of funding the Libertarianz case against them -- guess how the Prime Minister and the 40 Labour MPs accused are paying for their own defence? Go on, guess.

Are they digging into their own pockets? Fat chance.

Are they calling for donations from supporters to help fund their case? Not likely.

No, as this morning's Dominion Post establishes, charged with using taxpayers like an ATM machine, they're calling on that same ATM again to defend the charge:
A spokesman for Miss Clark confirmed yesterday that Labour’s “parliamentary funding” – which includes her leader’s fund – was being used to pay Queen’s Counsel Hugh Rennie.
Says a disgusted Bernard Darnton, who as an unwilling taxpayer is being made to help fund his opponent:

That’s right, accused of misappropriating money from the leader’s fund to illegally pay for their election advertising, they pay for their defence from the very same fund they’re accused of ripping off in the first place. Absolutely shameless.

Once again I remind you: Libertarianz Asks Nicely...

So the issue is not how Libertarianz are paying for our QC -- we are doing it voluntarily. With donations. The issue today is who's paying for Labour's? And the answer is, the same people who paid for their campaign: You are.

There is a line betwen democracy and dictatorship that this litigation was designed to highlight. It is a line of which this Government is utterly unaware.

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