Tuesday, 5 September 2006

'Chinese Girl' painter dies

The painter who once said that the main difference between Van Gogh and him was that Van Gogh starved whereas he had become rich has died aged 92. The Guardian has declared Vladimir Tretchikoff the the second most commercially successful artists of all time. "The critics hated him," they say, "and the public loved him."

His best-selling work was 'The Chinese Girl,' shown left. (Yes, those are the colours of the painting; you don't need to adjust your set.)

Try and work out for yourself if it's art, or illustration -- and try and determine too why (or if) there is a difference, and if so how it bears on the current debate about art ongoing here at 'Not PC.'

LINKS: Vladimir Tretchikoff - Obituary - Guardian
Vladimir Tretchikoff - Wikipedia

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