Friday, 11 August 2006

Which blogs do you visit regularly?

I'm curious to know which other blogs you visit regularly. Which blogs do you regularly visit to feel fully informed, fully entertained, or to have your thoughts provoked?

Which three or four, say, would you try and visit either every day, or every time you log on?

And do you visit them through your browser, or through a news-reader? (Don't worry if you don't know what a news-reader is. If you're curious you can go here and find out.)

Let me know below, if you'd be so kind. (And I know that many of you have problems logging on to comment, so feel free to make your comment anonymous if it's the only way to post it.) I really am curious.

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Blogger Jimmy Jangles said...

This one, Gee man, Oh Crickey and Straight from the whores mouth are all must views everday. all linked onme blog. jj

11 Aug 2006, 09:58:00  
Blogger MikeE said...

Straight copy and past from bloglines:

World News (559)
BBC News | Technology | World Edition (22)
Bloglines | News (104)
Guardian Unlimited (105)
The Register (111)
Reuters: Top News (187)
Salon (30)
NZ News (136)
Scoop Headlines (66)
Google News New Zealand - New Zealand (70)
Tech News (61) (6)
Boing Boing (32) (6)
Slashdot (19)
Wired News: Top Stories (10)
US Politics Conservative (21)
Power Line (8)
Right Wing Nut House (3)
Little Green Footballs (10)
US Politics Liberal
Guns (7)
NRA-ILA News (7)
Gun Control
NZ Blogs General (1)
: Ms Behaviour : (1)
Spare Room
NZ Blogs Politics Left (2)
Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty (1)
Public Address (1)
NZ Blogs Politics Right (0) (2)
Generation XY
Gman inc.
Insolent Prick
Silent Running
Sir Humphrey's - Department of Unspin (0) (2)
The Whig
NZ Blogs Politics Centre
NZ Blogs Politics Classical Liberal/Libertarian (1) (2)
ACT On Campus
Cactus Kate
Liberty Scott
Lindsay Mitchell
New Zeal
Not PC (0) (2)
Oswald Bastable's Ranting
The Penthouse (1)
Darnton vs Clark
EnviroSpin Watch
Xbox Media Centre (2)
What's Up With Xbox Media Center (2)
US Politics Libertarian (1) (1)
Mises Economics Blog (1) (1)
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 Explorer
Humor (4)
newtown ghetto anger
The Daily Gut (4)
Cox & Forkum
Middle East (6)
EU Referendum (6)

11 Aug 2006, 10:10:00  
Blogger Michael said...

Yours, Kiwiblog, Frogblog, Span, Just Left and I See Red.

11 Aug 2006, 10:27:00  
Anonymous James Gribble said...

For a mainstream columnist, Andrew Sullivan is a MUST. Hes one of the few sensible religious conservatives in the US, far better than any of those at NRO's The Corner
Reasons Hit & Run is good too

and of course, yours Peter

11 Aug 2006, 10:46:00  
Blogger leelion said...

liberty and culture; tim blair

11 Aug 2006, 12:05:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

PC, Kiwiblog, Sir Humphreys using the browser.

The following with Google Newsreader:

* Ajaxian
* Cella's Review
* - Windsurfing news, articles, videos and more.
* - Security announcements
* Fight Aging!
* InstaPundit.Com
* lgf: this space unintentionally left blank
* Michael J. Totten
* New Zeal
* No Pasarn!
* NZPundit
* On An Overgrown Path
* Power Line
* Team Eiffel
* The Becker-Posner Blog
* The Belmont Club
* Tim Blair
* Tradesports Exchange News

11 Aug 2006, 12:55:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

james: Andrew Sullivan is a MUST. Hes one of the few sensible religious conservatives in the US,

James, I think you need an appointment.

11 Aug 2006, 12:56:00  
Blogger Phil Howison said...

I assume everyone here reads similar NZ blogs to the ones I do. So from Google Reader, here's a selection of world and miscellaneous blogs.

World news and analysis:
Global Guerrillas (and John Robb's other weblog).
Coming Anarchy
Defense Tech
FP Passport
New at Defense and the National Interest

Contrary Brin
Marginal Revolution

11 Aug 2006, 13:02:00  
Blogger Phil Howison said...


I second your recommendation of First-hand, first-class independent reporting from the Middle East.

I am another regular reader of The Belmont Club, it often has very interesting information and links. However I think a lot of Wretchard's analysis is seriously flawed.

11 Aug 2006, 13:15:00  
Blogger CD said...

My copy-n-paste from Bloglines.

Mostly a mix of political, ambulance/rescue and friends.

Yes, WorldChanging. I want to show you can be interested in new, intelligent technologies without being a raving leftie!

And howstuffworks is an excellent feed.

A Day in the Life of a ParamedicA Year In the Life of a Police Dispatcher
Brian's Brief Encounters
Confessions of a Fire Control Operator
Darnton vs Clark
The Dilbert Blog
EMANZ News Feed
Liberty Scott
The MacMedic
Matt's Blog
Musical Cheerios and Breakfast Gore
Nee Naw
New Urban Legends
Night Runs
Not PC
Not so Newbie at EOC
Paramedic Blog
The Policeman's Blog
Random Acts Of Reality from New Zealand
Relative Humility
Rest Area 300m
Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic
Things That Make You Go Blah [!]
True Life is Stranger than Fiction
Walking the Streets
The World Through The Eyes of an EMT
WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Gre

11 Aug 2006, 13:46:00  
Blogger noizy said...

via bloglines....

...oh my starry eyed surprise...
>> Killing time<<
A Servant's Thoughts
A Very Friday Blog
A View from the Shadows
A Welsh View
About Town
Agri-Christian NZ
Andy Soprano's Unofficial Page
At Home With Rose
Attention Seeking Rubbish
Bats In Space
Big Apple Bites
Big News
Blog in Mouth
Boing Boing
Boo's Blog
Brain Stab
Cactus Kate
Capital Diary
Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty
Celebrating Mediocrity
Celebrity Open Letters
Cheese on Toast
Chocolate and Vodka
Christchurch City
CommonBits feed for daily-show
Dangerous Precedent
David Farrar
Davids Deviant Den of Detrimental Political Satire
Dog Biting Men
Drinks After Work
Dub dot dash
Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour
Fear And Loathing In Wangavegas
Fighting Talk
Forum for Expression and Procrastination
Funerals & Snakes
Future Auckland
Gareth Robinson
Generation XY
Girls Toys
Gman inc.
Go Fug Yourself
Grabthar's Hammer
Gregory Bodnar 31 May 2006
I Guess We'll Just Have To Adjust
I find your lack of faith disturbing
I hold the world but as the world
Is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
Isle of Levi
Jack Yan
Jesus Crux
Jimmy Jangles
Joe Hendren
JonnyB's private secret diary
Just Left
Kete Were
Kiwi Jo
Kiwi Pundit
LAWS 179: Elephants and the law
Left Field and Beyond
Letter to Kevin and Pauline, Bilingual Kiwi Kids in France
Letters From The Editter
Life can be seriously funny at times..
Liz - MySpace Blog
Liz Barry's NZ Music Show
Look out! He's got a knife!
Make Tea Not War
Meat and Two Veg
Michael's World
Mike On Cricket
Miss Fit's Guide to...
Morph | Blog NZ
Ms Behaviour
NZ Herald Music News
NZ Media Bias
NZ MetService Severe Weather Warnings
NZ Musician Magazine
NZBC [!]
Newtown [!]
No Right Turn
Not PC
Nutters Grove
Oddity 59
Oh, Crikey!
Onan's tutor
One moment caller
Overheard in New York
Overheard in the Office
P.O.G Blog
Patrick's Soapbox
Pete's Musings
Petone is full of jelly
Philosophically Made
Philosophy, et cetera
Pointless and absurd
Public Address : Dinosaur Comics
Random Contributionz
Read/WriteWeb from New Zealand
Reinventing TVNZ
Rest Area 300m
Robyn's Secret LJ
SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists -
Sethop's Interesting Times
Shadow Footprints
ShoppingFix blog
Short and Sweet
Silent Running
Simeon's Bits
Singular Scene
Sir Humphrey's
Slow Boat News
Smacked Face
Smacked Rubbish
Smarty in NZ
Spare Room
Sparrows are Cool
Speaking Without Spin
Sproke's Scribbles
Steves Ramblings
Straight from the Whore's mouth
The 6 Million Dollar Blog
The Artful Writer
The Backyard
The Blank Page
The Blog of Dave5
The Broadband Bullet
The Commander In Chief
The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns
The Dilbert Blog
The Dropkicks
The Goodness
The Holden Republic
The J-Walk Blog
The Life Of Brian
The Listener
The OE build up...
The Opinionated Diner
The Orange
The Phoenix Foundation
The RIGHT Kind of Girl
The Red Letter
The Scroll of Emptiness
The Tales and Misadventures of Kellie
The Thorndon Bubble
The Triforce
The Webshite
The Whig
The Wildebeest Asylum
The Wireless
This Chick Combined
Thoughts from the studio
To Patiently Explain
Undulating Ungulate
User Friendly
Walking the Right Path
Wanda Harland
WebWeaver's World
Wellywood Witch
While_you_were_Sleeping // Live Local Electronica
Whispering Inferno
White New Zealand Resistance
Wild Land
Winchursts on the Web
Yankee Fog
Zen State
a lot of stuff and nonsense from eclectech
all kinds of stuff
beautiful monsters
black and tan eyes
blogging it real
chapter 4 - square pegs, round holes
chocolate covered musings
effing the ineffable
e~mergent kiwi
first against the wall
food & plastics
from the morgue
g's journal
harvestbird's diary
incremental progress
islandbay - Everyone's Tagged Photos
maria von trapp
matthew henry john bartlett
mlr : in the muse
musings by me
newtown ghetto anger
professional cynick but my heart's not in it - geek
still not wrong
stupid internet name
synthetic thoughts
t94xr's blog
the show with zefrank
violin matters
waar die blare antwoord gee
you are a china shop, i am a bull
~ phirate / weblog

11 Aug 2006, 13:58:00  
Anonymous Simon said...
Brit English teacher travels widely, asks important questions like what is wrong with executing Australians.

Spent a lot of time in Vietnam & Iran. Semi reformed leftie. Doesn’t post much.

Good news summaries of Korean peninsular in particular North Korea.

Iraqi writer for NY Sun seems wired in.

11 Aug 2006, 14:00:00  
Anonymous Indolence said...

Things you probably know about:
Just Left
Not PC (Nah, you wouldn't know this one. ;-))
Philosophy, et cetera
Rodney Hide
No Right Turn
Things you might not:
The Speculist
Accelerating Future
L2si (Live to see it)
Circular Reasoning
Things that aren't blogs, but that I still subscribe to:
BBC News, Science
BBC News, Technology
NYT, Science
NYT, Technology
Seed Magazine

11 Aug 2006, 14:15:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

noizy, these are the things you read DAILY? That was the question.

phi: I trade money based on Wretchard's analysis, so yes, I do find him extremely trustworthy.

11 Aug 2006, 16:12:00  
Blogger Phil Howison said...

Berend, I don't mean that Wretchard's analysis is untrustworthy, but I don't agree with some of his assumptions, for example his emphasis on states rather than non-state actors, and some of his historical analogies. In general I think he is too optimistic.

I hope you will check out some of the links I've posted above for analysis to complement The Belmont Club. I think you would particularly enjoy Coming Anarchy.

11 Aug 2006, 17:21:00  
Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

My 'read every day' sites- not in any particular order:


11 Aug 2006, 18:45:00  
Blogger Richard said...

Lindsay Mitchell's, among others.

11 Aug 2006, 22:36:00  
Blogger Paula said...

I try to visit all my peeps once a day, but if I'm pressed for time I'll choose Mark, Archer, Ruth, Sour Grapes and David Rochester.

12 Aug 2006, 03:55:00  
Blogger PC said...

I can't say that I visit all my peeps every day -- although it's amazing how many places you can visit with a well set-up newsreader -- but I do like to regularly keep track of ninety-five percent of them.

Thanks everyone for your faves. Very helpful. :-)

12 Aug 2006, 12:22:00  
Blogger noizy said...

berend: noizy, these are the things you read DAILY? That was the question.

I see the title of the post is, in fact: "Which blogs do you visit regularly?"

And, assuming there's something new to read, I visit all the sites on my bloglines subscriptions regularly.

12 Aug 2006, 13:37:00  

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