Thursday, 3 August 2006

The Passion of the Gibson

Mel Gibson's late-night, drunken anti-Jewish rant has given us an object lesson in what crawling apologies look like. Meanwhile, James Valliant takes it as an opportunity to re-evaluate Gibson, Gibson's film 'Passion of the Christ, and how exactly the Bible itself has contributed -- even caused -- anti-Semitism.


LINK: No, really, some of his best friends are Jews - James Valliant, SOLO

TAGS: Films, Religion, History, Racism


  1. So people say dumb, stupid and yes, even obnoxious things when they're drunk. What's new?

    Storm in a teacup .. bit like Holmes's 'cheeky darky' description of Kofi Annan. (Which I thought mild all things considered; I can think of considerably ruder things to say about that crook!)

    Hugh Grant's career was supposedly 'over' according to all the pundits after his late-night escapade with that dodgy prostitute. He bounced back quicker than you can say cheeky darky.

    One big natural disaster a la the Boxing Day tsunami and Gibson's comments will fade away. Yes, even in Jewish-occupied Hollywood!

  2. Yep, that's exactly what I thought, Sus, which is why I hadn't bothered to say anything about it.

    But Valliant has some very interesting thoughts on how the Bible -- Gibson's favourite book -- gives fuel to anti-Semitism, which, for someone who doesn't get either the Bible or anti-Semitism, I found interesting.

    I suspect Gibson is just the hook, really, for Valliant to pose some thoughts on whether the New Testament is really a religious text or a political one -- which is as I understand it the theme of his forthcoming book.

  3. Interesting link. From now on I will use this link to declare that Peter Cresswell is not a New Zealander. He really can't be called a Kiwi in any meaningful sense. For example the man is critical of the NZ government and of religion, isn't that unbelievable!

  4. Never could understand the blaming the Jews for killing Christ thing. Surely it was part of god's plan, and anyway, the Jews should be thanked by Christians, for without the cruxifiction there could be no resurrection, redemption, forgiveness etc, the essence of Christianity, in fact there'd be no Christianity if the Jews had not orchestrated Christ's death. But then, when has organized religion ever been rational?


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