Wednesday, 30 August 2006


Apparently I'm self-righteous, wrong, closed-minded, disdainful, negative, morally superior, envious .. and all this just in one day. Who knew?

Anyway, feel free to add to the list. Here's your chance. I promise not to bite.

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  1. The most memorable post of all time. Crowds are building in city squares around the world.

  2. with those qualities you should've been a polititian

  3. "The most memorable post of all time."

    See. I'm just altogether too nice to bag.

    Although Leelion really knows how to hurt.

  4. Messy, too big, messy, disdainful vegetarian, messy, dinner burner, messy, border line alcoholic, messy, intolerant and finally untidy. Damn that's all I can think of - thought I'd be able to really get a really good list going here :o( But hey, I'd flat with you again, if I didn't have anywhere else in the world to live, but only because your better half would be there as well.

  5. Robert Winefield30 Aug 2006, 16:23:00

    Counties Rugby supporter... :-)

  6. Who the fuck is stupid enough to call a libertarian envious?

  7. how about ignorant cunt

  8. Now we're talking. Go on, get it off your chest.


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