Monday, 21 August 2006

Nicole Kidman is hot

Nicole Kidman is hot.

Instead of hand-wringing or trying to duck making moral judgement (as so many others around the place have done), Nicole and 84 other Hollywood types took out a full-page ad in the LA Times laying responsibility for the deaths in the recent conflict squarely on the shoulders of the aggressors: Hezbollah and their vicious friends.

Mel Gibson was not among the 85 signatories.
[Nicole Kidman], joined by 84 other high-profile Hollywood stars, directors, studio bosses and media moguls, has taken out a powerfully-worded full page advertisement in today's Los Angeles Times newspaper. It specifically targets "terrorist organisations" such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine.

"We the undersigned are pained and devastated by the civilian casualties in Israel and Lebanon caused by terrorist actions initiated by terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah and Hamas," the ad reads. "If we do not succeed in stopping terrorism around the world, chaos will rule and innocent people will continue to die." "We need to support democratic societies and stop terrorism at all costs."
That makes Nicole my personal favourite to play Dagny in the upcoming movie of Atlas Shrugged!

LINKS: Kidman condemns Hamas Hezbollah - Sydney Herald Sun [Hat tip Diana Hsieh at Noodle Food]
Atlas Shrugged movie - ImDb page
LA Times, 16 August - Press Display viewer

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  1. 'Mel Gibson was not among the 85 signatories'.

    Nor Vanessa Redgrave?!

  2. I didn't know they were making a movie, Kidman would be better suited than Jolie, both physically and philosophically


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