Saturday, 5 August 2006

The Iranian solution

Oh, this is useful. Into the vacuum in which sit all the truly concrete things being done outside Israel to permanently and securely end the fighting in Lebanon leaps the financier of Hezbollah and the greatest beneficiery of this conflict, the deranged President Ahmedinejad of Iran -- and what do you know, he has the solution to this whole thing.

His solution? Simple. Destroy Israel. Wipe it off the map and the problem goes away.

You might call it a Final Solution. And he does mean it.

However, he does say he'll be happy with a cease-fire first. No time like the present to have those nice peaceful Hezbollah chaps stock up on rockets for another onslaught, I guess. Cox and Forkum have the cartoon and the links.

LINK: Changement de rhythme - Cox and Forkum
Ahmadinejad's Mideast Solution: Destroy Israel - Fox News

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Blogger Paula said...

It's my hope that some of the peeps who have called this conflict a "disproportionate response" on the part of Israel take note of this reminder that Hezbollah is an agent of a country that wants to wipe Israel from the map and is operating from a third country WITH THEIR SUPPORT. Maybe it won't seem so disproportionate after all.

5 Aug 2006, 06:24:00  
Blogger KG said...

Fat chance, Paula--to view reality, one has first to extract head from sand......
And the apologists for Hezbollah aren't about to do that.

5 Aug 2006, 07:55:00  
Anonymous Luke H said...

Being devils advocate for a moment, even if you could make the apologists see that Iran was behind all this, they wuld still object that the cilivians of Lebanon are getting unjustly 0wned ...

5 Aug 2006, 15:49:00  
Blogger leelion said...

It'll be fascinating to see what becomes of Iran. An insane President and mad Mullahs in charge, with a young agitating diverse population of Persians and various other groups and an earlier history of Zoroastrianism not Islam...methinks anything could happen there, and probably will.

5 Aug 2006, 18:35:00  

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