Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Castro: Get those obituaries ready

Fidel Castro is in hospital. He's ill.

Nothing trivial, I hope. The ghosts of the 70,000 people he helped murder will be looking for him, and those imprisoned in the Cuban Gulag might look with some hope to the future.

[Pic at right from RealCuba.Com. Caption: "When I die, Raul will be Queen."]

LINK: The unfree world: Cuba (with links)- Mark Humphreys.Com
Castro's Gulag - TheRealCuba.Com

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  1. Unfortunately, the brother is just as hardline Marxist.

  2. You can see a pattern, North Korea, Syria and Cuba all with some form of hereditary succession - so progressive!

  3. bit of hereditary succession with Bush I and Bush II as well. US cant wait to try and get its old holiday resort back, unfortunately it aint gonna work

  4. better get out my Che Guevera tee shirt for "the get well soon Castro solidarity march" down Queen street


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