Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Castro: Get those obituaries ready

Fidel Castro is in hospital. He's ill.

Nothing trivial, I hope. The ghosts of the 70,000 people he helped murder will be looking for him, and those imprisoned in the Cuban Gulag might look with some hope to the future.

[Pic at right from RealCuba.Com. Caption: "When I die, Raul will be Queen."]

LINK: The unfree world: Cuba (with links)- Mark Humphreys.Com
Castro's Gulag - TheRealCuba.Com

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Blogger KG said...

Unfortunately, the brother is just as hardline Marxist.

2 Aug 2006, 11:12:00  
Blogger libertyscott said...

You can see a pattern, North Korea, Syria and Cuba all with some form of hereditary succession - so progressive!

2 Aug 2006, 20:30:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bit of hereditary succession with Bush I and Bush II as well. US cant wait to try and get its old holiday resort back, unfortunately it aint gonna work

3 Aug 2006, 07:58:00  
Blogger leelion said...

better get out my Che Guevera tee shirt for "the get well soon Castro solidarity march" down Queen street

5 Aug 2006, 18:47:00  

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