Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Bullshit! at Ten

Just so I don't miss it again, a friend has very kindly reminded me that Penn & Teller's celebrated TV programme 'Bullshit' screens again tonight on Prime.

Tonight's topic is 'recycling' -- something I had a go at myself some weeks back. Tune in and watch them make fun of people too worthy to survive.

If you miss it tonight, do a Google search. It's everywhere.


  1. Bugger! Forgot to change the habit of a lifetime and write to the Green MP's to suggest they 'watch an interesting programme on recycling'.

    I'd have paid money to have seen their faces when informed by Penn that their philosophy was bullshit and that all tax is theft.

    It was superb - and I say that as somebody who has routinely recycled for decades; sometimes driving distances to do so.

  2. It was a good episode. It reminded me of the time I was travelling home from work in Silverstream to Epuni where I lived. Decided to stop at the old Taita pub for a cold one. Just over the fence were three large plastic igloo-like bins marked "Paper" "Glass" and Metal". People dutifully came up and dumped into the appropriate bin. This council truck pulled up and proceeded to empty all three bins on top of one another.

    I asked the driver where he was taking the now thoroughly mixed load of rubbish (as I had not heard that we had a recycling centre in the Hutt). He said "we just dump it at the Silverstream Tip".

  3. Noticed google video was a bit hard to find all the Bullshit Videos in order.. I've got most of them linked through here.


    Can anyone tell me where the missing episodes are?

  4. There's a slightly more complete list of episodes at Links to free episodes of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! It has a more complete fourth season and an episode from season three that mikee missed.


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