Saturday, 26 August 2006

Art, Beer and History: All you need for a great weekend read

I'm heading up to Dargaville for the weekend, so I'll leave you with the perfect weekend reading:
  • 'Who Needs Great Art?' by Peter Cresswell

    Painting, movies, literature, sculpture, music, architecture ... all have the ability to make us cry, to make us laugh, and -- just occasionally -- to make us feel ten-feet tall. Why is great art so powerful? -- why does it have this profound ability to affect us? And who needs it? Find out in this short but succinct account.
  • 'A Complete Hiftory of Man According to Hif Divers Delightf'
    Part 1: 'You Smell of Goat'
    Part 2: 'Making the Genius Quicker'
    by Peter Cresswell

    What is the meaning of life? Why was civilisation begun? The answer of course is blindlingly simple: beer. It was for this that man came down from the trees.

    "In the beginning all that existed was savagery and raw steak. With beer and bread was ushered in civilisation. (Bread and circuses were to come some time later, when politicians first figured out how to bribe people with their own money.)"

    Read this two-part piece analysing history through the sometimes foggy lens of mankind's diverse delights.
Enjoy. And if you enjoy enough I'll get on to finishing Part Three.

UPDATE: Links fixed (Yes, I know, "Stupid bastard can't even get the links to two articles right." Sigh.)

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