Saturday, 29 July 2006

Some comments on recent comments

I need to remind some commenters of the comments policy here at 'Not PC.'

When a commenter continues to post questions which have been answered ad nauseum, refuses to answer legitimate questions that have been posed in response, and instead continues to viciously misrepresent a position that has been explained and defended at some length then it's time to realise that my time is being wasted and also that of my readers. As I've explained before:
I welcome honest argument and discussion. I welcome free speech. But the principle of free speech doesn't require that I provide my unhinged attackers with a microphone.
Honest debate is welcome. Dishonest smears are not. That is all.



  1. Blogwars - Gotta love it. Better than the real thing!

    I hate him, he hates her, she hates me - what a bunch of bullshit. Can't we all just get along???


  2. Seconded.

    You should both just not visit each other's blogs!

    Its obviously not good for your blood pressure and neither of you seem to be getting any value from one another.


1. Commenters are welcome and invited.
2. All comments are moderated. Off-topic grandstanding, spam, and gibberish will be ignored. Tu quoque will be moderated.
3. Read the post before you comment. Challenge facts, but don't simply ignore them.
4. Use a name. If it's important enough to say, it's important enough to put a name to.
5. Above all: Act with honour. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.