Thursday, 20 July 2006

Seminole House - Alfred Browning Parker

The Seminole House by Alfred Browning Parker.

Parker was held in some esteem by Frank Lloyd Wright for "being an architect who fulfilled the elements of organic architecture -- meaning, says Parker, "that he took advantage of the environment and the materials when constructing his design" -- and now at 89 he's just adding another adjunct his career: teaaching.
For Parker, teaching just came along as a natural adjunct. "After you get old enough, they love to hear how you did it," he said. Although Parker has maintained many traditional styles of architecture in his works, his class will prove to be a little more on the non-traditional side. He plans to use the one-bedroom, one-bathroom home he is designing and building on Colclough Pond north of Williston Road on S. Main Street as a class laboratory. The focus of his profession is not teaching, Parker said. "It's building things."
LINK: Teaching outside of the box - Gainesville Sun

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