Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Penn & Teller et al

A friend sent me some news and links that you lot might enjoy:

Did you catch Penn & Teller’s show last night on Prime TV? They did an absolutely stunning demolition job on PETA (the animal rights terrorists). God it was good!

Also, exploring the Google Video site where you had pointed people from 'Not PC' to the piece by Nat Branden, there is quite a good interview with Russell Means, the Indian actor and activist who explains why the US Libertarian Party was the best vehicle for his activism. Link here.

Also, there is a new movie coming out in the States tomorrow produced by Aaron Russo, who sought the US Libertarian Party presidential nomination last year and actually beat Michael Badnarik on the first ballot. Link here.

There are some good trailers for the movie + an interview with Russo.

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  1. you can watch the Penn and Teller show here.

    And, having just watched it, I think it's probably a bit rough calling PETA the terrorist group when it's just a few extremists with vague PETA ties that are doing the firebombing. Would you call the Catholic Church a terrorist group because some of their members have firebombed abortion clinics and killed doctors who perform abortions?

    And P&T hassling PETA for using 'ethical' in their name for euthanising homeless animals? Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, anyone?

  2. Penn has a podcast, daily radio show from free fm in Vegas and worth a listen


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