Thursday, 6 July 2006

The New York Times: An alien publication

The New York Times has got right up George Reisman's nose again, with a bunch of "pathetic articles" on America's Indepence Day that serve only as "a further demonstration of that newspaper’s hostility to the fundamental values on which the United States was built. "

Hostility, collectivism and rewriting of history is he says "all The Times has to offer on the day dedicated to the celebration of America’s existence."
It is an alien publication, dedicated to collectivism and the worship of the State, to principles the opposite of those on which the United States was founded. Over the years, it has been the champion of Stalin, of Mao, and of Castro, and more recently, of the reincarnation of socialism known as environmentalism. One cannot expect it to be the champion of Washington and Jefferson and of the United States. And it certainly is not.
Once again from Reisman, great reading. I unreservedly recommend it.

LINK: No Fourth of July celebration at the NY Times/Pravda - George Reisman, SOLO

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Blogger libertyscott said...

If ever there was a newspaper different, it is the UK Daily Telegraph - yet it includes a supplementary NY Times on a regular basis (Sundays or Saturdays).

Certainly the Beijing Times is more capitalist friendly than the NY Times.

6 Jul 2006, 22:41:00  

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