Saturday, 1 July 2006

INTERVIEW: Islam: Religion of peace?

Here's some intelligent weekend listening for you. Listen, download, or podcast the latest PRODOS Worldwide interview from the SOLID VOX (tm) Network:

An interview with SORGE DIAZ of

Islam is often presented as "The Religion of Peace."

If it really is that, why do terrorist groups (eg. Hamas), theocrats (eg. Ahmadenijad), Muslim scholars (both currently and over the centuries) quote The Koran and the Hadith to justify their very NON peaceful and intolerant positions?

Do all the above represent, a distortion of a "proud religion" as President George W Bush has stated? Or are they a correct application of The Koran and Hadith?

SORGE DIAZ, the creator of the blog argues that Islam is, at its very core a dangerous Religion of Violence.

That Mohammed's life exemplified the repression and murder of non-believers. That Islam utterly rejects any separation of Mosque and State. That what is meant by "Peace" in Islam is not liberty, but submission to coercive Islamic rule.

An interesting issue that comes up during this interview is the significance of the Iranian President's letter to President George W Bush in which he invites the US President to convert to Islam. This is the protocol established by Mohammad to issue a Declaration of War.
LINK: Islam: The religion of peace. Or not? - Prodos Worldwide

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