Friday, 21 July 2006

English unbelievable

Just when you thought Bill English's rank inability wouldn't surprise you again, he begins his latest missive this way: "Lois Dear's death is shocking because ..."

Now think, Dear Reader, of all the many, many reasons that the brutal slaying of poor Lois Dear is shocking. Consider them all, and then see what this limp-dick, dripping wet lump of PC lard thinks: "Lois Dear's death is shocking because it violates the school as a place where children and adults are safe and respected."

Unbelievable. The man makes me want to vomit. That this appears below a heading with the exhortations "Mallard Mass Murderer" and "Who's Next" (see the banner picture at right) only makes it more disgusting. Does English ever engage the brain, do you think, before he sends out these vile emissaries of wetness?

"May she rest in peace," he concludes. On that at least I can agree. If politicians like English would stop trying to make political capital out of her violent and tragic death her rest would be a lot more peaceful.

TAGS: Politics-National


  1. What do you think of the media calling both genders "you guys?'

  2. That reminds me of my childhood watching The Electric Company on TV. The programme always started off with "HEY YOOO GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYS!!!"

    Lets be frank - I can count the useful National MPs south of the Bombay Hills on one hand. The rest should be sent back to kindergarten in the vain hope that their IQs will exceed their ages.


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