Monday, 31 July 2006

Beirut blogger

A new blog promises to be a window on Beirut in the same way the Interdictor blog was a window on New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina -- in fact it's the former Interdictor blogger who recommends it: it's called Cedarseed.

Here's a few recent excerpts:
  • "HA [ie., Hezbollah] is NOT in good standing with the Arab world right now and it's pretty clear that this is more than a HA-Israel war or even a US-Iran proxy war: we're watching a large Sunni-Shia conflict of influences unfold. I'm sure what's happening in Iraq has both factions irritated enough as is, and the HA's fanaticism was the last straw."
  • "My dad's phone rang, he picked up and started chuckling – then held it up to my ear so I could hear: it was a recorded message that started, in careful Arabic, 'This is the Israeli nation' and went on warning us against Hizballah and against allowing them near us or into our homes.
    My mom, not taking her eyes off the tv: 'They probably know by satellite which ones of us are still home'."
  • "Of course the running joke now is that Google Earth needs to update its files, because southern Beirut is now a giant parking lot."
  • "I have mentioned before that despite several really horrible mistakes (or not mistakes, who knows), we generally have faith in the IDF's remarkable intel. Here's a story to illustrate this. 5 days ago the news made a fuss about a car 'full of Lebanese policemen,' in the Bekaa, that an Israeli plane bombed before shooting down those that escaped from the wreck. The next day it was revealed that the 'policemen' were in fact HA in disguise. And yesterday right on the edge of the suburb, another plane took out another carful of HA fleeing in civilian disguise. How the hell they know this is absolutely mindboggling. I have a suspicion that despite the bravado, the [Hezbollah] party is mostly peeing their pants at the moment. They're being taken out one at a time like pigeons (or whatever the English equivalent is)."
LINKS: Cedarseed's Journal - Cedarseed

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