Thursday, 29 June 2006

State racism to continue

Parliament voted yesterday to continue with racist legislation. The 'Anti-Discrimination Bill was a private members Bill introduced by Rodney Hide to remove all race-based legislation from the books. It was voted down by all the advocates of state-sponsored racism: Maori Party, Greens, Labour, United and Winston First.

Yes, that's right, Winston voted against what he claims is his policy -- a policy that everybody else is supposed to have stolen from him. (Another lie from the poodle, by the way. As it happens, a libertarian called Warwick Malone was the first to fly this particular flag.) So he voted it down, and so did those other four parties, who by their vote have now shown their own position on state racism:
They're all in favour.
LINKS: Racism in Parliament and Winston's betrayal - Liberty Scott
One country, one law, one electoral roll
- Not PC

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