Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Reisman fisks 'The Times'

The New York Times has made George Reisman angry -- and an angry Reisman is an eloquent Reisman.

Read George fisking an entire newspaper. Where the Times offers bleating and ignorance about global warming, death duties and estate taxes, minimum wage laws and the welfare state and the shackling of production ... where they offer hatred of success and of the American way of life, Reisman offers analysis of and answers to their sneers.
The [New York] Times doesn’t care to know any of this [he says of his answers]. Instead, it prefers what it considers to be the “moral high ground” of everyday contemptuously looking down its long, supercilious nose and sneering at the capitalist economic system, those who make it work, and those who enjoy its benefits.
Read it here.

LINKS: The New York Times: It just can't stop hating success and the American way of life - George Reisman's blog

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