Monday, 19 June 2006

An Objectivist tiger in a vegetarian cafe

Talking once about the likelihood of a successful entrepreneur continuing to produce under new regulation that shackled him, Ayn Rand said he'd be "like a tiger in a vegetarian cafe." As you might guess, this was not intended as a positive metaphor. Rand was not a vegetarian, and was dismissive of those who were.

Her loss.

But it turns out there are increasing numbers of Ayn Rand enthusiasts who are vegetarian, so where better to open "a vegetarian refuge for Ayn Rand fans" than in New York, the city with everything. Story here about what might seem the ultimate in niche markets.
The slogan over the café door: EAT OBJECTIVELY, LIVE RICH. Brandon serves juice (“The Howard Roark” is carrot and ginger) and “Full of Thought” salads and will offer free Wi-Fi and a full collection of Rand’s works. He’s also going to stencil Rand quotes on the walls.

Brandon says, “This really is a fountainhead for me,” from which his other projects (including a plan to “revolutionize real estate”) will flow.
LINK: The Soda Fountainhead - NY Metro

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  1. PC said:
    "Rand was not a vegetarian, and was dismissive of those who were"

    I bet that if Ayn Rand is still around today, she would have love a pot of boil ups of lamb flaps, cabbage & cassava (yummy).

  2. Did you just make a veiled criticism of Ayn Rand?

    That is it - I'm telling Lindsay Perigo!

  3. PC also said: (re Rand not being a vegetarian), "Her loss".

    Was it? She was in her 80's when she died, wasn't she?

    Rod Donald didn't see 49 ...

  4. "Neil said"
    [That is it - I'm telling Lindsay Perigo!]

    No , it is not a criticism of Ayn Rand. I made an inference as to what she might like based on her followers of today. I have seen Mr. Perigo eating lamb flaps at PC's BBQ at the castle. The lamb flaps have already been cut into spare ribs. I saw Lindsay, tasting lamb flaps (spare ribs) and said, 'tasty & yummy'.


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