Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Laughter out of pain

My belly laugh for the morning comes from this Kiwi Herald headline:

Graham Capill has joined the chorus of politicians and celebrities describing child abuse as a Maori problem.
Read on here.

UPDATE: Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was clear this was good satire. Hmmm.

LINK: Capill says child abuse a maori problem - Kiwi Herald

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  1. Choke 1: Capill's comment.

    Choke 2: (the headline) '.. and celebrities ..'

  2. Is that link supposed to be a joke? If it is I don't think it is funny - it is in extremely bad taste.

  3. ruth, Capill could have said it, that's what makes the article so sad and so funny.

    Didn't he or his defenders claim something similar, namely that what he did didn't fit the, according to them, "biblical" definition of rape? Remember his years of preaching on child abuse while in the mean time...

  4. Yeah I know Berend - that's why I don't think it is funny. I don't think paedophilia should be made light of.

    Maybe PC has been listening to the Flanagans again.

  5. Ruth, technically speaking this article was about "child abuse", which is not necessarily paedophilia.

  6. I always thought "Once Were Warriors" was a documentary!

  7. What sort of sick person would write a blog post satirising the death of the Kahui babies?

    "Jokes" like that are funny like anti-Semitic "jokes" are funny. That is, they are not funny. They are disgusting.

    Just when you think you have scraped the bottom of the integrity barrel you wake up in the morning and find there are further depths to which we can all descend.

  8. I thought it was funny.

    To me, the humour in the situation is how there is a fair amount of Maori culture bashing over something that they need to shoulder the blame on. If it takes a paedophile to make us see that, maybe we can learn from it.

    Now, my short paragraph above in no way represents my opinion on the entire affair. I've made a few posts, and commented extensively elsewhere, and that position would seemingly be at odds with the above statement.

    But I still saw the funny side of the post.

  9. "Maori Culture" does not have to take the blame for anything.

    INDIVIDUALS have to take the blame.

    You don't satirise murder.

    As my hero Greenwald says - we have to expose you radicals for the extremists you are or else your hateful views get into the mainstream- and that includes you PC -the fact you find this funny is proof- you are a neo-con except for your opinion on drugs.

  10. "Ruth" is a satirical invented character, right?

  11. Imygod - more bad taste from the "Kiwi Herald" See "Many Injured in Rush to Get Behind Police" and "Grassing to the Stars"

  12. Yitzac was at the car dealers looking at a new car. "How many of my Jewish friends can I carry in this car?" he asks the salesman. "Two in the front, three in the back, and six million in the ash tray."

    Around the time of the Danish cartoons controversy, an Iranian newspaper ran an anti semitic joke competition. Some jewish folk believed no-one can do an anti semite like a jew, so they ran a competition in competition with the Iranian one, the above is one of the entries.

  13. John: Could you please email me when you get a chance?

    organon at ihug dot co dot nz




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