Wednesday, 21 June 2006

GP's fees: Politburo gets its way

The latest tussle between GPs and government about the fees GPs may charge has ended with abject defeat for the GPs, and spin from everyone. Southern Gent cuts through all the spin:
Chairman of the NZMA Ross Boswell claims they have “protected the rights of GP’s to set and charge a fee.” NZMA's GP Council, chairman Dr Peter Foley says that the fees “will not be approved but will be reviewed.”

Well call me naive, but if your fees are “subject to review” then they are not “YOUR fees.” So the Politburo has got their way and a GP’s private practice has lost another bastion of privacy.
That's pretty much the whole story right there, isn't it.

LINKS: GPs bend over for hollow victory - Southern Gent
Some GPs unhappy at fees deal - The Press

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