Friday, 23 June 2006

Examining conspiracy theories

We've all got our favourite conspiracy theories -- ask nicely and I'll even tell you mine -- the question is whether such interest is rational, and whether beliefs are evidence-based and integrated with all existing knowledge. A new philosophical blog intends to examine Conspiracy Theories as part of a PhD dissertation. "The author," explains a colleague, "is working on a research project on whether belief in conspiracy theories is warranted, and he plans to throw a lot of the raw meat of the project on to the number one home of Conspiracy Theories, the Internet." From the blog's Pithy Introduction to the un-pithily named 'All Embracing but Underwhelming':
Fact: conspiracies have occurred, are occurring and will occur again in the future.

The question is whether it is rational to believe in them.
LINK: Pithy introduction - All Embracing but Underwhelming [Hat tip Brain Stab]

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Blogger Brian S said...

OK PC, I'm asking nicely...

23 Jun 2006, 19:37:00  

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