Friday, 16 June 2006


If you've ever liked Dr Feelgood, OR you thought you'd never hear music out of Tauranga, OR you just like your R'n'B turned up to eleven -- Maximum R'n'B, that is -- then check out this clip of Tauranga band Brilleaux. Brilliant. First person to post the link between the band's name and Dr Feelgood gets, well, a loud cheer -- and maybe a little something more, especially if you also post it to this chap.

LINKS: Brilleaux - official band website
Brilleaux live on TV1 - You Tube
Tomahawk Kid

TAGS: Music, New_Zealand


  1. Lee Brilleaux was lead singer of Dr. Feelgood, until he died in 1994.

  2. I saw Dr Feelgood perform three years runnig at the Albert Hotel in Palmerston North in the 80s.

    You just can't beat "It wasn't me".

    An anthem for our time.