Friday, 16 June 2006


If you've ever liked Dr Feelgood, OR you thought you'd never hear music out of Tauranga, OR you just like your R'n'B turned up to eleven -- Maximum R'n'B, that is -- then check out this clip of Tauranga band Brilleaux. Brilliant. First person to post the link between the band's name and Dr Feelgood gets, well, a loud cheer -- and maybe a little something more, especially if you also post it to this chap.

LINKS: Brilleaux - official band website
Brilleaux live on TV1 - You Tube
Tomahawk Kid

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Blogger Will said...

Lee Brilleaux was lead singer of Dr. Feelgood, until he died in 1994.

16 Jun 2006, 13:52:00  
Blogger Brian Smaller said...

I saw Dr Feelgood perform three years runnig at the Albert Hotel in Palmerston North in the 80s.

You just can't beat "It wasn't me".

An anthem for our time.

18 Jun 2006, 00:14:00  

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