Monday, 29 May 2006

Rural backlash under way?

Julian tells me he senses "a growing backlash by rural New Zealanders against bureaucrats of both local and central government." Are the news reports he posts in support of that question evidence enough to demonstrate such an encouraging sign? Are the meddling bureaucrats in trouble? Or might this be wishful thinking?

LINKS: Trouble for meddling bureaucrats in rural New Zealand? - Julian Pistorius

TAGS: New_Zealand, Politics-NZ, Property_Rights


  1. The population of the South Island has just exceeded one million. If Julian's reports are true, maybe the Mainland's rural population will push for autonomy, or even independence. After all, in 1941 it only took one farmer-turned-guerrilla to hold the entire island... ;-)

  2. It takes a while to really piss cockies off (we are isolated from much of the rest of the country after all - especially here in southland) but things happen when we are.

    NZ history has some good examples of rural protest - the 1913 waterfront strike for instance. And I'll tell you this now: The microchipping law is a dead duck.



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