Monday, 22 May 2006

Mooching in NZ

Lindsay Mitchell has some key facts on Redistribution NZ-Style. See how much you know:
  • how few people do you think pay half the tax collected?
  • how many people do you think pay only one-fifth of all tax collected?
  • which group are the real moochers?

Write down your answers before you visit, and see how well you do.

LINKS: Redistribution NZ-Style - Lindsay Mitchell

TAGS: Politics-NZ, Budget_&_Taxation, Welfare, Politics-Labour

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    Canterbury ACT on Campus member Stanley Climbfall has been banned from a Left wing blog for debating tax cuts.

    Stanley calls on all who support the Right to continue the discussion and show that oppression of the people does not kill the liberal vision. Lefties are also invited to participate and further build on their arguments.

    "We cannot allow people to be misinformed by shutting down debate. Statements such as "Stan, you seem to put a lot of faith in tax cuts. The problem here is that it’s by no means proven that they have the results you suggest." and "I’ve always found it hilarious how ready people are to believe fix the economy and everything else will magically fix itself. It sounds kind of like salesman talk." will only allow economic ignorance to continuously plague the blogosphere. If we want people to understand what ACT and National are advocating we need to fight the suppression of differing points of views." Stanley said.

    Site owner Andrew Brehaut attacks the Maxim Institute by labelling their core responsibilities as "guns and gay bashing". He calls Rodney Hide and Heather Roy residents of "Toad Hall". The relevant link is



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