Monday, 1 May 2006

Idiots 'eating' Auckland

On Friday I quoted Auckland City's Transport Committee chair Richard Simpson as saying that cars are "eating" Auckland. You may have seen yesterday that this same twit now wants to demolish the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

And he's serious.

And you wonder again why Auckland's roads don't function well, when gentlemen of this calibre chair Transport Committee deal with their functioning. If anything's 'eating' Auckland its idiots like this being in charge of something about which they have no ability whatsoever.

UPDATE: Incidentally, the idiot even has to lie to make his point, such as it is.
Mr Simpson intends to put his suggestions for alleviating traffic congestion and pollution to the council. His prime concern is Auckland's extremely high rate of car ownership, with 1.7 per household instead of 1.4 for the likes of San Francisco, a city he says he admires.
From the San Francisco Metropolitan Transport Commission: "In 2000, the number of cars owned regionwide totaled more than 4.5 million — about 1.85 cars per household." Spot the difference? Not 1.4 but 1.85, which I'm sure even Mr Simpson realises is greater than 1.7 (or 1.66 to use the exact figure for car ownership in Metropolitan Auckland.). So if Simpson has to lie to make his point, do you think he really has one? Is he truly duplicitous or just an idiot? Answers on a postcard please.

LINKS: Traffic chief wants to demolish the harbour bridge - NZ Herald [Hat tip DPF]
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1 comment:

  1. Robert Winefield1 May 2006, 10:02:00

    "He said the bridge had passed its use-by-date and should be demolished."


    What a fucking loon!

    Bridges are past their use by date??!

    How the fuck did he work that out? Taking SF as an example, the Bay and Golden Gate bridges were built in the 30s! They and are longer, wider and built over far nastier seas than the AHB! They aren't past their use-by-date and demolishing them would detract from the charm of San Francisco!

    What's next? Are you going to need a passport to travel into Central Auckland?

    New Zealand is truely FUCKED!


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