Monday, May 08, 2006

Health and education 'still mired in a Marxist swamp'

Modern-day Marxists would rather have 'fairness' and a shambles than 'injustice' and a good system delivering quality health and education. That's the thrust of the criticism made by UK-based and NZ-raised philosopher Jamie Whyte about apologists for Britain's shambolic National Health System who accept that the system is flawed, but who still calim that it is 'just' since all who use it suffer equally from its inefficiencies.

In short, he says,
When it comes to dealing with healthcare and education costs, we are still mired in a Marxist swamp.
For 'we', read all countries with centralised, state-delivered schools and hospitals. Read his whole argument here.
LINKS: You want fairness, you pay up - Jamie Whyte, Times Online
[Hat tip Marcus Bachler]
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Blogger Bernard Darnton said...

If you liked this article you'll probably also enjoy Jamie's book, Crimes Against Logic. It's a little book, very easy to read, with plenty of amusing examples of arguments that make sense and the flaws in those that don't.

5/08/2006 08:14:00 pm  

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