Thursday, 25 May 2006

Google searches: Annette Presley and Michael Ryan still tops

Here's what's currently landing here from Google, Yahoo and other searches. I'm pleased to see Annette Presley and Michael Ryan still ranking so highly here when so few other voices elsewhere have them the right way round. Just so you're clear, Ryan is the hero; Presley the face of theft. And by the way, just who is Annette O'Toole?

annette presley (down to 15th) :-(
michael ryan telecom (13th)
broadacre city (5th)
antonio's gaudi quotes (2nd on Yahoo)
paintings by frank o'connor (not on front page) (6th on Yahoo)
annette o'toole nudes (2nd on MSN Search)
ecstacy of st. teresa (5th on Yahoo)
drug use as victimless crime (2nd on Yahoo)
iraqi dinar (not on front page)
ministry of transport quotes about $6-a-day charge possible for auckland motorways
phoenix arizona obituary frank lloyd wright (8th on Yahoo)
michael ryan ( telecom ) (13th)
rodin eternal spring (6th on Yahoo)

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  1. Robert Winefield25 May 2006, 15:24:00

    Thank Gawd that I'm not featuring on your searches anymore... Bloody untrusting women!!!

  2. I like Annette Presley's blond look though. Nice face and nice shape, with lots of money. I wonder how she can cope if someone can unbundle her for what she has worked for all her life (according to PC article). I bet that she would be a very tough blond to be unbundled, since she would resist all attempts and challenge the challenger.


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