Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Celebrate Smokefree Day with a cigar

Today has been mandated as World SmokeFree Day by a bureaucrat somewhere. Associate Health Minister Damien O'Connor rejoices, saying as a country we are doing well to make as many places as possible smokefree.

Isn't that irony. The only time you hear the word 'free' these days its associated with a ban.

Here's what I'll be doing later to celebrate SmokeFree Day: I'll be smoking the biggest, dirtiest, smelliest cigar I can get hold of. I'll smoke it on principle, and I'll damn well enjoy it.

Won't you join me!

UPDATE: Here's someone (left) gettin' wit' da program in the correct manner. Onya, Jean.

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  1. I've got some Port Royal to roll.

  2. I'll smoke my Dunhills and I'll enjoy them, just like on any other day!

  3. make sure its Cuban

  4. Here in the good 'ol USofA I had no idea it was "Smoke Free Day." Is that just a Kiwi thing or is it worldwide and just poorly marketed? I think I'll celebrate with a fat Avo Domaine 40 and a fine glass of dark Puerto Rican rum.

    Each year on March 20th some silly groups celebrate the National Meat Out and ask everyone to give up meat for a day. In response, I host a party at my home called the Carnivore's Ball. We serve nothing but grilled meat with no side dishes, individual plates or utensils (other than a hunting knife).

    On a different note, if you want a good laugh at the expense of one of your fellow Kiwis, drop by a new site that I co-host with some new pals.

  5. I make a point of doing whatever these silly [insert "bad" thing]-free days suggest I shouldn't. What are the bearded cardigan-wearing wet patches passing for authoritarians going to do to stop me?

  6. Cubans are overrated- Try a good Dominican Cigar!

  7. Oswald,

    The last Cuban cigar I had was just so-so. You are right, the best products are now being made in the DR. And what is the cause of this you might ask... Capitalism! The Cubans were experiencing too much demand and could not continue a supply of premium product. They had to turn to less expereinced rollers and leaf of a poorer quality. The DR companies pickd up on this and ran with it. Why didn't the Cubans do a better job you ask... communism! The production of tobacco is controlled and regulated by the government and the principals of a free market are not allowed to function. Just for that reason, I prefer my DR smokes! I think I'll have two tonight... just because I can.


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