Thursday, 4 May 2006

Burying John Kenneth Galbraith

George Reisman comes to bury the recently-deceased John Kenneth Galbraith, not to praise him, and he does it with a republication of his 1961 publication, 'Galbraith's Modern Brand of Feudalism' -- a thorough burial. Concludes Reisman:
One must wonder if what Galbraith is really advocating is not simply state power as an end in itself and individual deprivation both as an end in itself and as a means of demonstrating the power of the state. The possible suffering which such a man may inflict on the American people, once having achieved a position of power or influence, is unspeakable. For he seems to combine the mentality of a dictator with a total contempt for the individual.
LINK: Galbraith's neo-feudalism - George Reisman's blog

TAGS: Economics, History-Twentieth_Century, Obituary

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