Friday, 19 May 2006

'Baby you can't drive my car'

Um, if you're wondering why Paul McCartney married a one-legged do-gooder without signing a pre-nup, then here's two reasons why.

UPDATE: You want thoughtful on this? Then try the thoughts of Cactus Kate:
McCartney is one of the true icons left in the world today. He is now stronger for the release of the noose around his neck that was Heather Mills.
LINKS: Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's newly-estranged wife, who didn't sign a pre-nup-- and could be in for one of history's largest divorce settlements - Tabloid Rabies

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  1. The silly old fool married someone half his age with out signing a pre-nup - so who is to blame?

    Should he not take responsibility for his choices?

    Typical hypocrisy from you Peter.

  2. Robert Winefield20 May 2006, 09:08:00

    "Should he not take responsibility for his choices? "

    Ruth, Peter was commenting on the size of her "assets" rather than whether the court should give her half of Paul's assets...

    And let's be frank, Heather Mills had a body that could stop a clock! No wonder the randy old sod took leave of his senses.

    Mind you, he also let Ringo sing on a couple of albums... Maybe he ever had any sense to begin with!


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