Wednesday, 10 May 2006

al-Qaeda losing in Iraq

Captured al-Qaeda correspondence suggests all is not well for the organisation in Iraq. What a shame. As the Captain's Quarters blog says in its summary of the documents' contents:
Far from optimistic, the documents captured in an April 16th raid reveal frustration and desperation, as the terrorists acknowledge the superior position of American and free Iraqi forces and their ability to quickly adapt to new tactics... [These documents show] that we have just about triumphed over the AQ network in Iraq, and AQ knows it. Hopefully, the American media might finally start reporting it.
Some are. And even one NZ media outlet.
LINKS: Captured AQ Documents: "Every Year Is Worse Than The Previous Year" - Captain's Quarters

US claim of Qaeda Iraq weakness may reflect reality - Reuters
Seized Papers Said to Show Qaeda in Iraq Is Worried - NY Times [requires registration]
Seized documents highlight Al-Qaeda in Iraq's strategy, concerns - San Diego Union Tribune
Captured al Qaeda document 'shows weakness' - NZ Herald
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  1. NZ Herald reporting it? That Reuters article was clamoring for a fisking:


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