Thursday, 20 April 2006

What's important?

Here's three questions to get your brain cells ticking this morning, and my info about you lot updated. Feel free to think about them over the day and post your answers a bit later. I'll try and keep quiet about your answers and try and act just like a filing clerk here:
  • What in your opinion is the single biggest issue facing the world over the next ten years?
  • Facing the West?
  • Facing New Zealand?
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  1. 1) Downsizing big Goverment.

    2) Standing up for the values that underpin the success of the West against those forces bent on destroying it.

    3) Winning a fucking World cup in the Rugby....oh and that stuff in questions 1 and 2. ;-)

  2. Ten years? short time frame
    World - Jihadist nuclear terrorism
    West - Jihadist nuclear terrorism
    NZ - Rising welfare & government slowing NZ growth and increasing socialism.

  3. The World? Weak institutions (corruption, etc.)
    The West? Freedom of expression
    NZ? Faux-celebrity reality TV

  4. 1, 2, and 3: The Whig's political status.

  5. World - Islam.
    West - Islam.
    NZ - Islam.

  6. World - who'll replace prez G. W. Bush.
    West - exploding swarthy gents with wrap-around head gear.
    NZ - don't even get me started. The usual right wing litany of grumbles. Friggin Labour yada yada...

  7. World - Poverty
    West - Slow capitulation to minority interests
    New Zealand - The consequences of recent economic decisions (ie, unemployment, higher taxes, lower standard of living, lower individual freedom)


  8. World: Islam, especially Iran who quite probably will acquire a nuke and use it.

    West US: if the rhino's don't get booted, Dems will get back.

    West Europe: at lowest low fertility, there's nothing that can be done anymore.

    NZ: economic growth. With less and less young people in this world, the workers will get to choose. They will choose the countries where they can get money. NZ has to compete if it wants to afford at least 2nd world health care and state pensions. Unfortunately the majority in NZ isn't really concerned about getting and retaining skilled workers, so we might end us as yet another pacific island. Still a beautiful one, but poor. While we could have been beautiful and rich.

  9. Heres my thoughts:

    + Money supply going even more nuts! Resulting in economic collapse!

    + Socialism --> Fascism --> WAR! --> STARVATION!

    + MOB RULE



  10. 1,2,3 - Big oil company corruption. You ain't seen nothing yet. They wield massive power and are only just starting to bite.

    That will fall on deaf ears on this blog of course (fast becoming the most reactionary in NZ) - just blame the ragheads.

  11. If this wasn't limited to 10 years, the obvious answer (to me) is environmental problems due to climate change.

    World - Oil prices spiking, lack of credible cheap alternative leading to intensifying geopolitical instability.

    West - Adapting lifestyles to ultra-high cost oil economy.

    New Zealand - Transforming industrial and agricultural sectors to low-carbon emission model in wake of wide ranging international agreements on climate change mitigation.

    You asked.

  12. It's always so amusing to see a greenie getting concerned about the price of oil.

    denmt, we don't care about the price of oil. Nor that we're running out of it. And we didn't care that Paris should have been covered in 5 metres of horseshit either.

  13. 1 Islamic fanticism.
    2 Islamic fanatcism.
    3 socialism & over sized goverment

  14. What in your opinion is the single biggest issue facing the world over the next ten years?


    Facing the West?

    Personal identity and human action in a new information technology age.

    Facing New Zealand?

    Rick Giles.

  15. Islamism is a big issue yes, but I think that predicting that *this* will be the biggest issue of the next ten years is linear thinking. I think that technological change bringing about the advent of self-improving AI will be the biggest issue of the next ten years. And it is an issue that will make the libertarian agenda even more salient.

  16. The World - Nuclear war

    The West - Corruption of government, erosion of rights

    New Zealand - Continuing ballooning of state welfare

  17. Let me start with a caveat: 10 years isn't long-term. Which is why I don't have my typical Green concerns listed here. Nor things like NZ's labour productivity problem, or the (related) decline of our universities. While those are very, very important problems they only matter in the long term.

    But over the next 10 years:

    The World: the risk of the US dollar crashing. It's held aloft by vast investments every month by the Chinese govt (which is bizarre) and by the currently-flush Arab oil states. A US dollar crash would cause the vast US trade deficit to become insanely large, which would cause US trade protectionism, which would undermine WHO and GATT and then (later) cause a huge drop in US imports. Global recession, nasty stuff.

    The West: Extending govt powers over individuals and eroding civil liberties in the name of the War On Terror. The last 5 years have not been good: the next 10 could be really bad.

    New Zealand: anti-globalization, including anti-immigrant policies and trade protectionism. We're still adjusting from being a little bit of England to a being multi-cultural state with strong ties to Asia.

  18. The WORLD: Islam, and the lack of alternative fuel and transportation methods

    The WEST: Islam

    NZ: The drooling beast - the Welfare state. The dumbing down of the population even further by the government-run mass brainwashing centres. Expect no change in the political climate until more children get a REAL education and see through what has been done to us - unfortunately that will never happen.

  19. next ten years? Nuclear Jihadism
    the west? Cultural collapse
    NZ? welfare spend balooning out of control.

  20. The World: More wars and bigger wars.
    The West: Terrorism
    New Zealand: The continuation of kiwi's dealing their freedoms away to some of the most ridiculous politicians on the planet - are we beginning to wake up and seeing how much we are duped?


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