Friday, 14 April 2006


More illuminating nonsense from Clare Swinney of Investigate magazine, ranting on NZ Politics:
It's common knowledge that Al Qaeda is the product of elements of the US
Admin, bent on a one world government - or as Bush Senior termed, the New
World Order...
Next week, how Noddy and Big Ears shot JFK, under orders from Mother Goose...

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  1. Does this actually appear in Investigate magazine itself?

    That would quite disappoint me. But I've to admit, I've never read the magazine, but it looked like the only right leaning magazine in New Zealand.

    If I want to read such garbage I can get it for free at the Daily Kos.

  2. Riiight Clare. Just like it's common knowledge that the top 0.1% of the US's rich list belong to a secret society who dress up in funny robes and spank each other with paddles. I hear they've got a secret lair inside Mount Rushmore guarded by laser-armed sharks.

  3. Peter...once again, if I did my journalism with the same level of inaccuracy you employ in your blog, I'd have been sued out of existence years ago.

    Clare Swinney has not written for Investigate for nearly a year. None of what she is talking about now has appeared in Investigate, nor would it.

    Get your facts straight...

  4. Ian, if your journalism is like your reading, then...

    As I said above quite clearly, Clare's rants are appearing at NZ Politics, and they make pretty unhinged reading. Sad really.

    However, on this point at least I'm relieved: "None of what she is talking about now has appeared in Investigate, nor would it." Well thank goodness for that.


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