Thursday, 27 April 2006

New libertarian blogger: The Tomahawk Kid

I've just added a new NZ libertarian blogger to the 'Libz & Elsewhere' part of my blogroll. Welcome aboard Graham Clark, AKA The Tomahawk Kid, who will already be well-known to readers the Bay of Plenty Times's letters page as a regular and provocative contributor, to readers of The Free Radical as the man responsible for the magazine's graphics, and to followers of his band Brilleaux as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, harmonica legend and Theremin stalwart.

Welcome aboard, Graham. And while writing about and adding to that part of my blogroll, good to see Julian taking up the cudgels on behalf of Greed and against Direct Democracy, James taking them up on the subject of Europe's Cultural Decay, Duncan on Biased Reporting and Kaiwai (briefly) on behalf of Fun; also good to see Susan the Libertarian back from holiday and back in action, and Richard at Benzylpiperazine just back in action.

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