Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Libz exposed

Whoops. Looks like Libertarianz has been infiltrated and exposed! And we're not the only ones to be the butt of Uncyclopedia's team of Investigatrix. Be afraid.

LINKS: Libertarianz - Uncyclopedia
Helen Clark - Uncycyclopedia
New Zealand - Uncyclopedia

TAGS: Humour, New_Zealand


  1. Robert Winefield4 Apr 2006, 03:51:00

    Read the "Auckland" entry - it's vicious!



    "Their rugby team consists of a pretty boy(Tasesa) who can't tackle for peanuts or kick and fourteen other Samoans. They tend to lose to the southern Canterbury team, who consist of a pretty boy who can kick, and fourteen Tongans.
    The League team is called the New Zealand Warriors based in Auckland, this team consists of one white guy, an Australian and 12 polynesians with a combined IQ of 12. Its improved since Francis Meli left."


  2. I enjoyed this one too, about architect Le Corbusier:

    "Le Corbusier (October 6, 1887–August 27, 1965), a Swiss architect who frequently travelled as a French broom salesman, is single-handedly credited with turning architecture from an art form, one which celebrated man's spirit through the creation of uplifting and inspiring structures, into a vehicle by which humanity housed itself in a bleak, despair-filled world of soulless concrete and glass boxes devoid of anything resembling 2,000 years of human achievement."

    It's true!

  3. Unfortunately, most articles are like:

    "Marilyn Monroe is a giant pink dinosaur that eats Oprah Winfrey. unfortunately she died when the elves got her!"


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