Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Harmeet Singh returned to Iraq

TO THE POINT NEWS: Anti-war hostages dropped back into Iraq
The British military announced today that they had air-dropped former hostages Norman Kembler, James Loony, and Harmeet Singh Sooden into the Iraqi desert, just a week after their rescue from a house west of Baghdad. The men had been held by insurgents for four months.

Since their release, the three men, all from a Christian Peacemaker team, have spoken with deep admiration and respect for their captors, while not offering any degree of gratitude to the British commandos who risked their lives to save them.

"We realize now that we made a huge mistake," said Captain Ian Coates of the British Army, "and it was time to return these men to the people they love and respect..."
Read on here for the full story. You really need to. Oh, and it must be true, because I found it on the internet.

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